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Zero Audio Carbo Mezzo – ZH-DX220-CM

Rp920,000 exc. PPN

Mungkin the best new product dari Zero Audio and the best all-rounder IEM dibawah Rp1jt saat ini. Carbo Mezzo ini mengalahkan legenda IEM Tenore dalam sound quality dan juga menambah body bass untuk lebih menjadi all-rounder IEM dengan sound quality terbaik dibawah 1jt.

Very highly recommended!

Tambahkan bundle eartips dari Monoprice untuk membuat suara lebih open dan soundstage lebih besar!

Stok 19


Earphone Case

Tambah Eartips


Untuk mendapatkan kualitas suara yang terbaik, kami sarankan anda memilih opsi reter P-3.5 PP untuk earphone anda.


Zero Audio Mezzo – ZH-DX220-CM





■ Features

  •  composite housing adoption of carbon fiber and aluminum body with excellent lightweight, high strength and vibration-damping properties
  •  mount a fine tuned drivers, carefree and delicate high-resolution sound fidelity and realism richly exhaustive place without reproduction
  • place the bass boost ports wearing a fearless punching metal on the rear enclosure. Play the bass is a deep and powerful
  •  tough and flexible flat code using OFC (oxygen-free copper) to enable the less pure sound transmission transmission loss
  • left and right can be identified entangled prevention slider



  • Model dynamic form Plug 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug [L type]
  • Cable OFC 1.2m [Y type]
  • Mass 4.2g (excluding Cable)
  • Output sound pressure level 101dB / 1mW
  • frequency response 6Hz~40,000Hz
  • Maximum input 150mW * IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards
  • Impedance 16Ω
  • two accessories silicon earpiece S · M · L (M size has been mounted in the factory body)
  • Carrying Bag



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