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Zero Audio – BANECHOL Earphone Case


Versi kotak dari Zero Audio earphone case premium buat nyimpen earphone dengan aman dan rapi. Bahan material dari metal, kuat dan aman untuk melindungi earphone di dalamnya.


Zero Audio – BANECHOL Earphone Case


This is the second release of popular BANECHO / Bancho.

We prepared two S size and L size differing only in thickness. S size “BANECHOS” and L size “BANECHOL”.

2 sizes, 3 patterns variations, simple minimal design with square. Please choose according to the size of your favorite earphone.


Stacked collection with a strong magnet


Strong magnet and steel furniture display


To go out accompany your favorite earphone with case


It is also a gadget that will also become interior as well as metal furniture




【Precautions for use】
※ Please be sure to read before using.
There is a powerful magnet inside this product. Do not place floppy disks, magnetic cards, displays, personal computers, clocks, etc. near them. There is a risk of erasing recorded contents or malfunction due to the influence of magnetism.
If you are using a pacemaker, please do not use it by wearing it absolutely because the magnetism may affect the operation of the pacemaker.
Please be aware that malfunctions such as turning off the power may occur due to strong magnets close to electronic devices such as Bluetooth etc. Please be careful enough.
This product uses a powerful spring hinge. There is a risk of damage, damage, or injury if pinching products, fingers, hands etc put in. Please be careful not to pinch it when using it.
Since there is a danger of pinching your fingers and hands, please use and store it out of reach of small children.
Please note that large earphones may not be stored.
This product naturally deteriorates over time irrespective of usage condition and preservation state.
We can not assume any responsibility for accidents caused by the use of this product or its damage or direct or indirect damage.
We can not assume any responsibility for damage or trouble of your existing product which occurred while using this product. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of data or programs nor any other troubles.

※ Specifications and appearance of the products posted may be changed without notice.
※ Please understand that the image of the product may differ slightly from the actual color.

<This content is as of February 2017. >





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