YAXI Sennheiser HD25 Velour Earpads


Earpad custom dari YAXI Japan untuk Sennheiser HD25 Series. Lebih lembut dan nyaman serta kualitas audio yang superior.

Ukuran diameter: 7cm

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– Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear
– AKG Y55, AKG K618/K619
– AKG Y50


YAXI Sennheiser HD25 Velour Earpads

YAXI for HD25 Velours CPAD-HD25  exchange for downy lower ear pads for HD25 Velours (velor tone) high resolution, and is loved around the world of the DJ as a gem headphones playing a good quality bass HD25. From high sound insulation and compact appearance, not only monitoring, also utility value as a portable high. Such HD25 YAXI for HD25 Velours that has been designed specifically for (velor tone) has been loved by many people from the sales start. Reproduce the good sound of the missing from around comfort, such as a towel cloth. Also because there is good air permeability it does not have to stuffy even when you want to use in the summer. This one has a ear pad 1 pair and head cushion two all-in-one sale. Features -Make it unique- your favorite headphones Made Easy 10 color variations. Warm colors of yellow / orange / pink / red and cold colors yellow-green / green / blue / brown you want to decide in vivid cool cool color from the color that uplifting, until the gray and black classic color that fits even in the flame colorful. Even from being allowed to transform into THE original headphone by changing the color in the left and right there! ? Ear pads of velor tone plump cans comfortably, fit feeling that strikes the ear is not and kidnapping will be considerably easier. In addition to reproduce the flat sound from treble well omission of sound to bass.

Compatible models :

HD25 1-II / HD25 original for Addidas / HD25 Amperior / HD25 ALUMINIUM / HD25 SP




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Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Orange, Pink

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