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YAXI Earpads for Sennheiser HD650 HD600 HD580 HD565 HD545

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Premium earpads pengganti untuk Sennheiser HD650 dari YAXI. Design khusus dari YAXI untuk kenyamanan dan kualitas suara yang lebih baik dibanding earpads bawaan Sennheiser. Terbuat dari kulit premium alcantara buatan Italy untuk earpadsnya dan protein leather untuk bagian luarnya. Sudah termasuk sepasang busa filter.



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YAXI Earpads for Sennheiser HD650 HD600 HD580 HD565 HD545

Designed for the HD 650, this product is YAXI’s original hybrid ear pad, which adopted Italian high-quality material Alcantara on the inner diameter part and the surface. Semi-release type specification using synthetic leather on pad side. It is designed to keep the space inside the pad wide and provides comfortable wearing feeling and fresh tight sound effect. LR printing filter is also included.

The semi-open structure and the 25 mm for the HD 650 is YAXI’s original HD 650 headphone. Its surface and inner diameter made of Alcantara, a premium material made in Italy, and its outside diameter is made of protein leather. Slow-rebound sponge keep more spaces apart from the ears to get fresh wearing feeling and stereophonic sound.
A pair of filters is included.

Alcantara® 9990 TH light, water-repellent and flame-retardant with long-lasting high breathability. It is 100% carbon-neutral and eco-friendly.




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