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Re:cord PALETTE 8 MMCX-A 2.5mm Balanced Jack (Astell & Kern)


Kabel upgrade premium untuk IEM hasil kolaborasi antara Oyaide dan Zephone yang sudah terkenal di Jepang. Tuningan 8 kabel braided oyaide 102SSC dan timah silver SS-47, mampu memberikan kualitas suara yang lebih bersih dan lebih bening di semua frekuensi.

Menggunakan Jack Balance TRRS untuk IEM dan DAP yang support Balance Out.

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Re:cord PALETTE 8 MMCX-A Balance


The original producer of a cable manufacturer with more than 60 years “Oyaide electricity”, has already been born by the collaboration of the “Zephone” which boasts a solid popularity and track record in re-cable market, “Re: cord”. This brand name, superior fashion and cost performance, “aims to re-cable boundaries of the standard” we think is rice that.

“Re: cord” brand first of release, of standard class as “Palette 6”, the two versions of “Palette 8” superior class, a combination of the rich vibrant colors and connector type a total of 14 types of lineup .

Cable configuration consists of six “Palette 6” is, expand the most common MMXC type connector type in vivid colors. Luxury cable configuration was used as a eight “Palette 8” is available a variety of variations other than MMCX type, to meet a wider range of user needs.

Adoption cable precision conductor 102 SSC that Oyaide electricity was developed. “Palette 6” reflects the distinct sound character in the straight to direct, in the “Palette 8”, and further improved expressive power and overall feeling of air / realism of detail.


To more casual, with better sound. The favorite earphone “Re: cord” and let’s look forward to the portable life with!


conductorOyaide 102 SSC
SolderOyaide SS-47
Cable twisting numberEight
Cable length1.2m



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