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Radius – MMCX Connector 2.5mm – Balance Cable

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Radius – MMCX Connector 2.5mm – Balance Cable

Product features

Oxygen-free copper cable that reduces sound quality deterioration and resists bending and twisting

MMCX of Φ4.4 mm 5 pole plug (balanced connection), Φ 2.5 mm 4 pole plug (balanced connection) and Φ 3.5 mm 3 pole plug (unbalanced connection) which adopts an oxygen free copper conductor of 99.99% (4 N) purity or more It is a connector cable. Ideal for upgrade of re-cable compatible earphones, it increases the resolution of the sound.


Oxygen free copper is the one which removes oxygen which is an impurity of pure copper to the limit, shows superior conductivity with little resistance and distortion of voice signal transmission compared to tough pitch copper, and reduces sound quality deterioration. Moreover, it is a material most suitable as a conductor of the earphone cable because it is resistant to bending and twisting.


The MMCX connector was adopted as the connection terminal of the earphone side.

It is optimized for all our earphone products corresponding to MMCX connection.




The cable has a braided structure, and the joining process by soldering is not performed at the branch between the plug and the MMCX connector.

We thoroughly eliminated the resistance factor of voice signal transmission




All three plug specifications. Balanced connection cable of Φ4.4 mm 5-pole plug or Φ 2.5 mm 4-pole plug can be used with balanced driving music player, DAC amplifier product etc. corresponding to connection with each plug.

You can enjoy clear sound quality with little noise and stable positioning with balanced connection.





Oxygen-free copper MMCX connector cable Φ 2.5 mm / Φ 3.5 mm / Φ 4.4 mm HC-OFC
Conductor materialOxygen-free copper (4 N)
Coat materialFEP
HC-OFC 44K8 braid structure
HC-OFC 25K8 braid structure
HC-OFC 35K4 Blade structure
Earphone side connectorMMCX connector
HC-OFC 44KΦ4.4 mm 5 pole gold plated balance connection plug
HC-OFC 25KΦ 2.5 mm 4 pole gold plated balance connection plug
HC-OFC 35KΦ 3.5 mm Three pole gold plated unbalanced connection plug
Cable lengthApproximately 120 cm (Y type) type



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