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Radius HP-TWF32K – 2.5mm Balance Cable – Dual Diaphragm Matrix In-Ear Headphones

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Satu level dibawah TWF-41. Sebagian besar teknologinya sama dengan TWF-41 kecuali Berrylium coating di driver dynamicnya. Hasilnya TWF-31/TWF-32 sangat mirip dengan TWF-41 hanya dibuat sedikit lebih warm, treble yang lebih halus dan bobot bass yang lebih terasa. Kami sangat merekomendasikan TWF-31 / TWF-32 untuk lagu-lagu Rock, Pop dan kebanyakan lagu-lagu mainstream.

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Radius HP-TWF32K – 2.5mm Balance Cable – Dual Diaphragm Matrix In-Ear Headphones


Dobrubune Nuerorotrov 2.5mm balanced connection MMCX cable included model.

A cable for balanced connection of Φ 2.5 mm 4 pole plug developed to maximize the performance of the Dobrube series is included. By adopting high purity single crystal copper for the conductor, resistance in audio signal transmission is reduced, achieving more pure and clear sound quality. · Ceramic piezo diaphragm mounted. In order to reproduce the fine range of high resolution sound source, the piezo diaphragm of the ceramic layer is adopted as the tweeter part of the two diaphragms. Even when a tiny sound source signal is input, the ceramic layer (piezo) firmly vibrates. Vibration of delicate sound is also transmitted to the metal plate, realizing high-definition sound reproduction. – Unlike the conventional type, Deep Mount earpiece realizes a stable fitting feeling and rich music reproduction since the earpiece fits behind the ear. Adjustable port allows you to adjust the position of the earpiece in two steps. By reducing the stress to the ear by making it fit to your ear firmly, it is ideal for commuting and school attendance. · The head part can be detached / attached by adopting the MMCX terminal.


Ceramic piezoelectric vibration plate mounted DDM system drivers
distributed to independent diaphragm bass and treble two sounds in the DDM method (Dual Diaphragm Matrix) driver, it is a RADIUS own completely new driver scheme was arranged coaxially. HP-TWF31 In addition to the dynamic vibration plate of woofer unit that reproduces the low frequency band in, the tweeter section has adopted a piezoelectric vibration plate with excellent transient (transient) characteristics in the high-frequency band. The two diaphragms with these different properties are arranged coaxially in one of the driver unit, the thickness of the wide-range and dynamic sound by advanced acoustic technology to smoothly cross over frequency characteristics, and as high as hi-res corresponding We’ve realized in the dimension.


Earpiece Unlike the conventional type, and developed a new shape to fit more in the back of the ear. It can achieve a rich music playback and stable fit. In addition, the mounting position of the earpiece can be adjusted in two steps, you can adjust the sound. In addition, less stress on the ear be firmly fit to your ear, making it ideal for long-term use, such as commute.



Head portion and the cable is detachable with MMCX terminal.By any chance, it is possible to re-cable (replace the cable) even if the disconnection of the cable has occurred is one of the earphone of weakness, you can patronize a long time.




Order to reproduce the fine treble of high-resolution sound source, is adopted piezoelectric vibration plate of the ceramic layer. Ceramic layer is also very small sound source signal is input (piezo) firmly vibration. It vividly portrays the high-definition sound and air feeling.



Among the sound of the low-pass driver passes through the hole of the piezoelectric vibration plate, it overlaps with the high frequency piezo diaphragm itself emits, your ears to “realism” in smooth expanse and space regenerative power of high frequency from low frequency in It will deliver to.



It comes with a high-quality case of Doburube only, and convenient to carry.


By having you use it in conjunction with NePLAYER, operability, the sound quality of the performance improvement.It will provide the music experience up a notch.


ModelDynamic + piezo type (DDM method)
driverDynamic vibration plate Φ13.0mm + piezo diaphragm Φ12.0mm
Output sound pressure level108 ± 3dB / mW
Play frequency band10Hz~40000Hz
Maximum input20mW
plugφ3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug
Cable lengthAbout 120cm (Y type)
massAbout 17g (including cable)



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