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Radius HP-TWF00 Dual Diaphragm Matrix In-Ear Headphones


Seri “entry-level” dari Radius TWF series. TWF-00 dibuat dengan teknologi yang sama dengan seri TWF-31 dan TWF-41 dan ditambahkan Titanium Coating untuk drivernya. Kualitas suaranya sangat all-rounder dan cocok untuk mendengarkan berbagai macam lagu.

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Radius HP-TWF00 Dual Diaphragm Matrix In-Ear Headphones


High-resolution earphone equipped with ceramic diaphragm + titanium coated diaphragm “Dobrebe antelule” The
Dobrubet series is a driver that divides two mid and low range sounds into independent diaphragms and uses the DDM method arranged coaxially (Dual Diaphragm Matrix) is adopted. Dobrebe antelule adopted a diaphragm using a ceramic piezo (* VST) which is a piezoelectric element in the tweeter part.

As a result, ceramic piezo is firmly vibrated even if a very small sound source signal of the ultra-high range peculiar to the high-resolution sound source is input, and high-definition sound reproduction is realized by transmitting to the diaphragm made of high rigidity nickel alloy .

※ VST (Vertical Support Tweeter) Powered by VST is a patented technology of Ozeed Corporation.




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