Radius HP-NHL11 Lightning for iPod, iPhone, iPad – Red


Seri baru dari Radius khusus untuk memaksimalkan iPod, iPhone dan iPad user. Earphone NHL-11 langsung menggunakan jack lightning dan built-in DAC/Amp untuk mengatur karakter suaranya. Praktis, gak pake ribet karena gak perlu tambahan DAC/Amp lagi untuk totalitas mendengarkan musik lewat iPod, iPhone dan iPad. Suara menjadi lebih bersih karena diproses langsung oleh DAC/Amp dari NHL-11. Sangat fun untuk mendengarkan berbagai macam musik.

Aplikasi NE Player bisa download di Apple Store



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Radius HP-NHL11 Digital Earphone with Lightning High-MFD System – Red

Extract sound source digitally from Lightning, enrich high resolution sound source Extensive sound reproduction
from iPhone Take out the sound source digitally, the remote control built in the DAC amplifier located at the branch of the cable allows playback / stop of music without touching the screen of the player You can perform operations such as / Song feed / Song return / Fast forward / Rewind / Volume up / Volume down / Incoming call / End call / Siri start.

※ This earphone is not equipped with a microphone. Please make call on the iPhone itself.

You can adjust the mounting position of the earpiece in two stages and adjust the sound. In addition, it is less stress to the ears by fitting firmly to your ear, and it is also suitable for long-term use such as commuting or school attendance.

When connecting HP-NHL 11, you can use the “HiPLAYER Lite” High Resolution Play function free of charge without charge. Please use NePLAYER Lite by all means for high resolution playback.
※ The network playback function is available only for NePLAYER (paid version). (Air Play, Bluetooth playback is available)

By using high quality DAC/AMP for improving sound quality, it is possible to cope with various tuning. Moreover, it produces a realistic sound without stagnation.

The earphone section adopts the “High-MFD structure” which improves “sensitivity” and “sound quality” by confining the magnetic flux leaking from the voice coil of the dynamic driver by the repulsive magnetic force of the magnet and raising the magnetic flux density. Average sensitivity improves about 4 dB (compared to our company), sound quality in terms of transient (transient) characteristics, from high to low range, clear and crisp sound quality is realized without sacrificing fine detail.

Adopting earphone head, driver which can endure high reso listening. Noise due to radio waves of communication equipment is reduced by digital out from the Lightning terminal and analog conversion outside the terminal.

By optimizing the operation of the diaphragm by the bus port structure which enhances the reproducibility of the low frequency range. Directly transmits solid core bass sound with core.

Unlike conventional type, deep mount earpiece has newly developed shape that fits behind the ear. It realizes stable wearing feeling and rich music playback.


Lightning direct-coupled digital earphone HP-NHL 11
ModelDynamic type
driverΦ 13.0 mm
Corresponding bit number / sampling rateUp to 24 bits / 48 kHz
Output sound pressure level102 dB
Playback frequency band5 Hz to 24000 Hz
plugLightning connector
Cable lengthApproximately 120 cm (Y type) type


■ Earpiece (XS, S, M, L) × 1 set each
■ Instruction Manual / Warranty card




1jt – 4jt


Black, Red

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