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Oyaide SS-47 / 0.6MM (20G) – fine acoustic dedicated alloy solder


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Oyaide SS-47 / 0.6MM (20G) – fine acoustic dedicated alloy solder

◆ blended optimal wire diameter 0.6mm (conventional product 1.0mm)
◆ 99.993% or more of the high-purity tin discharge the impurities to the limit in the workability of the good high-quality acoustic dedicated solder
◆ fine soldering with high quality
◆ and silver the copper and high loading, improvement of conductivity, prevent the erosion of solder
◆ corrosion in special compounding flux
◆ spread rate of 83% residual chlorine 0.12% or less of suppress, realize the wettability and excellent solder spread of
◆ trust of JAPAN MADE. Environment-friendly lead-free (RoHS compatible) /

■ Specification ■
wire diameter: 0.6mm
Contents: 20g
Material: high purity 4N tin (99.993% or more) 93.6% pure silver 4.7% pure copper 1.7%
Flux: chlorine content of 0.12% or less , scattering small, non-cleaning type dissolution
temperature: 217 degrees (eutectic point)
other: Pb-free, RoHS compatible,
made in Japan




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