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Oyaide Pota Pita Sheet


Salah satu asesoris wajib buat pengguna music player dan DAC / amplifier. Berfungsi untuk menggabungkan music player dengan DAC / amplifier sehingga lebih mudah dibawa dan terhindar lecet akibat gesekan music player dengan DAC / amplifier. Bahan jelly silikon yang dapat digunakan berulang kali. Bisa di cuci menggunakan air.

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Oyaide Pota Pita Sheet

To hear better sound portable players such as iPod, Kumiawaru listening style has spread a portable headphone amplifier. Portable headphone amplifier is common to tie to portable players such as rubber bands, but it is hard to operation screen and switches is closed by the rubber band, you also missed appearance.  In the self-adhesive sheet of urethane, pasting and powerful smart and portable headphone amplifier and portable player “Pota pita sheet strong.” Without needing a rubber band, I can comfortably operate the amplifier and player. Without impairing the appearance, and can manage a smart portable player. The peel off and stick, adhesive force is back just to wash dirty. It does not include a sizing agent and oil, traces are not likely to remain stuck, and discoloration attachment surface, it does not cause deterioration.  Size 40mm x 70mm angle which is bonded directly to the iPhone and iPod Touch / Classic. You can also cut free with scissors to the desired size. By a strong anti-vibration effect of “Pota pita sheet Strong”, it quickly absorbs shock and vibration adversely affect the sound quality, I can measure the quality improvement of portable playback further. By the anti-vibration effect and excellent adhesion, “Pota pita sheet Strong” is, you can also take advantage anti-vibration and anti-tip of audio equipment. The HP-P1 of FOSTEX, a special coating is applied to the surface of the case, it is hard to stick is Pota pita sheet, can not be used.



SPEC Pota-Pita sheet Strong

40mm x 70mm, 2mm thick, 1 sheet in a package
(Peeled off when using) protection film Urethane, on both sides
Temparture range for use
-30 ~ 80 ℃
Weight capacity
~ 0.93Kgf/cm
Release date
: 2012/6/20
FOSTEX “HP-P1” is not suitable for this project due to its surface.



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  1. One person found this helpful

    5 out of 5

    ini barang kecil yang berguna banget buat tempelin DAC/ampli sama player. uda ga perlu lagi pake rubber band.

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  2. adi_lim

    5 out of 5 Gilak kenceng banget

    Review singkat gw, mengenai oyaide pota pita ini
    Kesan pertama yg gw rasakan itu lengket” gitu persis kyk dodol. Gw fikir ini mah gak bakal nempel kenceng. Begitu gw satuin player dgn ampli. Buset nempelnya kenceng bgt. Kalah kata ko edwin bukanya harus diputer kyk makan oreo, kalau gak casing player lu bisa berantakan. Damn!!!
    Overall gw suka pota pita ini. Kelihatan rapihnya player gw. Ketimbang pake gelang kayak bawa detonator kemana” hahaha. Itu aja
    Terima kasih HFS

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