Oyaide P-3.5 PP Premium Platinum+Palladium 3.5mm Mini Stereo Plug


Stok 14


Pin and the outer shell is high-precision machined brass. Dimensions are managed in all accuracy conforming to JIS standard, it boasts a high reliability. Plating is subjected to lower platinum + palladium plating layer, adopted the brass to dumping well Seridasu of dynamic sound is the feature housing material in a wide range. Coating connection method the chrome plating is adapted to the cable of up to 4.0mm diameter by soldering type Straight-type plug type / ■ Specifications ■ pin method: 3.5mm mini plug 3-pole Specifications: Straight type pin material: Pinmekki brass shaving : lower platinum / palladium upper outer shell: brass shaving + satin chrome plating (maximum diameter φ8.5) insulation color scheme: Green joining method: soldering Applicable cable diameter: 4.0mm or less /

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