Oyaide P-2.5SR 2.5mm Mini Stereo Plug


Jack mini 2.5mm untuk DIY kabel atau interkonek yang memerlukan jack mini ukuran 2.5mm. Bahan lapis Silver dan Rhodium untuk menjaga kualitas suara.

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Oyaide P-2.5SR 2.5mm Mini Stereo Plug

The highest grade of appearance 2.5 mini plug
2.5mm version has been added to Oyaide electric mini plug series!
Turned silver rhodium two-layer plated pins, and chrome-plated cover of machined brass, high-quality sound technology
to meet the voice overlooking the 2.5 mini plug a high-grade, the Oyaide electricity, and turn on the 2.5mm version in mini-plug series.
It is the best quality goods that make it followed the P-3.5SR, silver rhodium two-layer plated pins, and chrome-plated cover of machined brass, and incorporate high-quality sound technology, and in consideration for sound quality most 2.5 mini plug.

  • 2.5 mini plug high quality and thorough pursuit of sound quality
  • TRS at (3-pole) type, can be made of the stereo cable
  • Silver rhodium-plated pin two layers
  • Chrome-plated cover of machined brass
  • Support for cables up to φ4 mm in diameter
  • Some tie-up shop limited handling electrical goods Oyaide Akihabara, and Oyaide electrical shop online,

Size is only slightly different 3.5 and 2.5 mini mini, discrimination is difficult.
When looking for, use the target model is either 2.5 mini plug, please confirm.
In addition, even in the 2.5 mini plug insertion corresponding type (such as Shure made ​​headphones have a locking mechanism to prevent missing the mating portion of the plug), may not put the difference is P-2.5SR depending on the shape of the plug portion there.

Specification of P-2.5SR

Shape3-pole 2.5 stereo mini plug (TRS)
MaterialPin: brass cover: Brass
PlatingPin: two-layer silver lower (1.5 micrometer thick) upper layer of rhodium (0.3 micrometer thick)
gloss chrome covers:
Connection methodSoldering
Cable fit diameter4.0mm or less
SizeTotal length 33.8mm (10.9mm length Uchipin), pin diameter 2.5mm, cover a maximum outer diameter 8.0mm


Made in Japan





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