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Oyaide P-2.5 / 4G (2.5mm 4 pole plug)


The long-awaited Oyaide electrical made 2.5mm4 pole plug appearance! Astell & Kern AK series, starting, 2.5mm4 pole system that is now becoming the standard for balance output terminal of portable audio

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Oyaide P-2.5 / 4G (2.5mm 4 pole plug)



Finally, earphone headphones Li cable own faction long-awaited Oyaide electrical made 2.5mm4 pole plug “P-2.5 / 4G” has appeared! Is the same high-quality finish with other mini-plug of ELEC. In gold plated pins carved brass, fitted with a chrome-plated cover carved brass. Junction of the conductor is soldered type.

Cable opening diameter φ4. The following cable diameter 4mm is available for use. To use and paste it into the base of the pin, with insulation for the seal of the chassis of the audio equipment. By affixing the seal, the base of the electrode will prevent the contact with the chassis of the equipment noise or sound interruption occurs.


Audio equipment to mount a 2.5mm4 pole jack

Astell & Kern: AK380, AK320, AK300, AK240,120II, 100II, AK100II K-ON! Edition, Astell & Kern AK380 Copper, Astell & Kern AK240 Stainless Steel, AK500N
Venture Craft: SounDroid VANTAM Limited, SounDroid VANTAM Red, SounDroid VANTAM R627, SounDroid VANTAM R627 II, VANTAM RedShoulder, VANTAM Jazz Master Limited, VANTAM PIANO WHITE, SounDroid VANTAM Classic Master LTD, GO-DAP BXD, SounDroid VALOQ
Ratoc system: REX-KEB03, RAL-DSDHA5
Nakamura Mfg: NXT-2AK
Onkyo: DP-X1


Pinout diagram of the balance connection of 4 pole 2.5㎜



In the case of production in 2.5㎜4 pole balanced connections, please use the seal attached.




Material: the center pinBrass + gold-plated
outerBrass + satin chrome-plated
Connection methodSolder type
Applicable cable diameter4mmφ
Pole number4-pole
Associated(Please copy and paste to the base of the pin and peel off the release paper.) Insulating seal



P-2.5 / 4G of the electrode are small, very delicate, it is a small thickness in comparison, such as the insulating resin also 3.5mm plug between the structures on the electrode. Therefore, vulnerable to heat when compared, such as the 3.5mm plug, too added to the heat of the solder, there is a possibility that between the electrodes by dissolving the insulating resin are short-circuited.

P-2.5 / 4G, as compared to many other 2.5mm4 pole plug, but is more intense in the solder of the heat, but still need to do the soldering reliably and quickly, is a plug for the medium-advanced users. Thus, the preliminary solder plug, after conducting neatly to the cable both, please try to perform this solder quickly.




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