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Oyaide OCB-BS – Granite Base

Rp925,000 inc. PPN

Base dari bahan batu granit dan dilapis dengan karet untuk dasarnya. Dibuat Oyaide Jepang untuk tambahan asesoris dari Oyaide Power Distributor, sehingga diharapkan mampu menyerap dan mengurangi vibrasi yang ada.

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Oyaide OCB-BS – Granite Base

Hybrid base dedicated to OCB-1 series



The power tap of OYAIDE Electric that was minor changed in 2012 “OCB-1 Series Ver.2012”. “OCB – 1 Series Ver. 2012” has basic threading holes in the four corners of the bottom as it is with basic performance, and various optional items can be installed. And as a special item dedicated to Ver. 2010, we will release black granite + butyl rubber hybrid base “OCB – BS” this time.

For details about the minor change (Ver. 2012) of the OCB – 1 series, please click here (PDF file). OCB – BS release notes are here (PDF file).

Since the OCB – 1 series before Ver. 2010 does not have screw holes on the bottom, you can not install the OCB – BS. Please refer to here for how to distinguish between Ver. 2010 and earlier OCB-1.



Installation example on OCB-1SX

“OCB – BS” cut precisely selected black granite with a thickness of 18 mm with high precision, making it a beautiful mirror finish. The installation of “OCB – 1 Series Ver. 2012” is dramatically stabilized by the mass addition of black granite (1.3 kg), suppressing the power tap lifting due to cable insertion. Also, in order to be able to install even in a small space, we made black granite a compact size of 150 mm square.

Attach a butyl rubber sheet excellent in vibration absorbing property to the bottom surface. Suppresses the vibration of the floor. With the attached high rigid stainless steel screws, “OCB – BS” can be screwed securely to OCB – 1. Furthermore, the attached silicon rubber washer isolates vibration propagation between OCB-1 and OCB-BS. “OCB – BS” will be a must – have for anyone seeking a further sense of stability from “OCB – 1 Series Ver. 2012”.

Product Specifications

Item nameOCB-BS
MaterialBlack granite (18 mm thick)
Bonded butyl rubber on the bottom (2 mm thick)
Dimension / massW150 x L150 x H20, 1.3 kg
Screw holeΦ 5 mm
accessoriesM4 stainless steel screw x 4
stainless washer x 4
silicon rubber washer x 4
Compatible modelsOCB – 1 Series Ver. 2010 (OCB – 1 ST / OCB – 1 SX / OCB – 1 DXs / OCB – 1 EXs)
JAN CODE4582387100697
List priceList price 6,000 yen (tax not included)
Release dateSeptember 10, 2012



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