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Oyaide – OCB-1 SX V2 Power Distributor

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Maksimalin setup home audio atau desktop audio dengan menggunakan Oyaide Power Distributor. Aliran arus listrik yang masuk ke perangkan audio, dipastikan lebih stabil, dan bebas noise untuk kualitas audio terbaik.

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Oyaide – OCB-1 SX V2 Power Distributor

“BLACK MAMBA V2” adopted New tap power standard




“OCB-1” series which continues long seller of over 30 years as the main product of oyaide. It is the reason why the OCB – 1 series continues to be loved for a long time, for ease of use by cable integration, abundance of variations according to situations, and not always relaxing the evolutionary hand. And among the successive “OCB – 1” series, “OCB – 1 SX” which appeared in 2008 with the concept of natural sound gained popularity as a new standard of power tap from its overwhelming performance. However, in 2013, as the supply of PCOCC – A conductors is terminated, “BLACK MAMBA” of the outgoing cable is exhausted. As a matter of fact, “OCB – 1 SX” suffers from the frustration of production completion. However, in 2014, its artery is inherited to “OCB – 1 SX V 2” by precision conductor “102 SSC”. In order to inherit the concept of the original model that was examined, the structure of “OCB – 1 SX V 2” inherits the original model as it is. Please adopt the confidence work of oyaide which wore a new taste by adopting “BLACK MAMBA V2” by precision conductor “102SSC” directly.



Adopts precision conductor “102 SSC” boasted by Oyaide Electric


  • For the conductor of the cable part “BlackMamba V2”, the precision conductor 102 SSC is adopted for the electricity of Oyaide Electric.
  • To avoid contamination of impurities as much as possible, use only virgin copper that does not contain any recycled copper even in copper conforming to JIS C 1011.
  • With two annealing processes, mechanical stress distortion of the strand is eliminated.
  • Manufacturing control thoroughly manage product values, maintenance, shipping days and so on. Conductivity achieved the highest class of 102.3% IACS.


※ For more information about the precise conductor “102SSC” is here please visit.

OYAIDE adopts “BLACK MAMBA V2” which gathered the latest power transmission technology in the cable part

Adopted “BlackMamba V2” which gathered the latest power transmission technology of Oyaide at the cable part. Provides high power transmission with 600V maximum withstanding voltage of 20 amps, and aggressive response. The short pitch strand wire twisted with the usual 1.15 times tension eliminates random gaps in the conductor and suppresses sound quality degradation due to line distortion. We also paid close attention to the adhesion between the insulator and the conductor. The insulator and the conductor are brought into close contact with each other uniformly, eliminating random gaps, and eliminating deterioration of sound quality due to line distortion. Polymer polyolefin excellent in electrical properties is used for insulation coating of conductor. It has a dielectric constant of 1/4 as compared with ordinary PVC insulation, and it has reduced signal loss and reproduced sound with less turbidity. In addition, as for internal intervention, Flex PE yarn designed for BLACK MAMBA V2 is adopted Conductor is a clear and powerful sound by 3.5 sq corresponding to 20 A. Polymer polyolefin material is used for insulation, Flex PE with low dielectric constant is geometrically arranged, and unnecessary vibration is attenuated. Equipped with a copper foil shield boasting 100% shielding factor and drain wire, noise countermeasure is perfect. For exterior sheath, we adopted exclusive use of halogen-free sheath for audio with unique vibration suppression and electrical characteristics. Cover the cable exterior with a PET mesh sleeve (black) to enhance vibration damping.


Mirror buffing finish on non-plating electrode attached to power plug · outlet

P / C – 029 SPECIAL EDITION (specular buff finished electrode) is attached to the power plug. SWO-NT SPECIAL EDITION (specular buff finishing electrode) is built in the outlet. The outlet / plug electrode embodies the original sound of the material excluding plating. After plugging the barrel of the outlet / plug electrode, it is made into a mirror finish with buffing one by one manually by craftsmen.

High rigidity case adopting monocoque method

Based on the highly rigid engineered plastic material “PBT GF 30%” as the case material, EMI noise is eliminated by blending carbon. The case structure adopts the monocoque method, and it is a high rigidity design with a thickness of 4 mm thick. The receptacle is firmly fixed to the pole raised from the inner bottom of the case, and the vibration quickly propagates and attenuates to the case side. The legs of 13 mm in diameter are provided at the four corners of the bottom of the case to reduce the contact area between the floor and the main body and suppress the resonance with the installation location.


OPTIONAL UPGRADE (dijual terpisah)

OCB-1 exclusive option item can be fixed

M4 screw holes are provided in the legs, and the option item (OSP – SC / OSP – SS / OCB – BS / INS – BS) can be screwed and fixed. By shutting out the vibration transmission from the floor surface, you can expect further improvement in sound quality.


OCB-1 series Ver 2012 exclusive option Granite base OCB-BS can be screwed and fixed. Even when many power cables are connected, stable installation becomes possible, and further improvement of sound quality can be expected by shutting out vibration transmission from the floor surface.


Product Specifications

Item nameOCB-1 SX V 2
Outlet number of receptacleFour
Cable partBLACK MAMBA V 2 (Precision Conductor 102 SSC, 3.5 SQ × 3 Core Tapered Structure)
Cable armorPET mesh sleeve (black)
electrical plugP-029 SPECIAL EDITTION (Brass specular buff finished electrode)
OutletSWO-NT SPECIAL EDITTION (phosphor bronze mirror buff finished electrode)
Internal wiringOFC 2.0 mm single wire
Outer DiameterW120 × L120 × H60 (case only, not including legs)
mass830 g
Cable length2.0 m
Rating125 V / 15 A PSE certified item
JAN CODE4582387101670
List price28,000 yen (excluding tax)
Cable extension+2,600 yen (excluding tax) every time 0.5 m is increased
Option itemOSP-SC / OSP-SS / OCB-BS / INS-BS



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