Oyaide HPSC-35J Headphone Extension Cable


Kabel Oyaide mini to mini premium. Menggunakan kabel tembaga berkualitas 102ssc, serta pembungkus kabel dari sutra. Efeknya memberikan peningkatan kualitas suara yang lebih baik dan lebih bersih.

Tersedia pilihan panjang kabel: 1.3m dan 2.5m
Menggunakan Jack Oyaide: Silver + Rhodium


Oyaide HPSC-35J Headphone Extension Cable


Product Description

Precision conductor “102 SSC” is, in the audio cable for the conductor that created the Oyaide electricity, it has already gained a high reputation all over the world. Basis of the technology, a kind oxygen-free copper to the base, the impurities of the copper wire surface physically 100% removal “machine peeling”, to smooth the copper surface to the extreme “natural diamond dice”, strictly temperature heat treatment over twice that are managed, such as thorough management uniformity of the wire diameter in the machining accuracy of ± 1μm or less, Japan Copper and Brass, which boasts the top class in the world, supported by a wire drawing technology, clear of HPSC Series in making it to the original to produce a wide-range sound.

0.3 Scare afford the thickness of the composed signal line by a precision conductor “102 SSC”. From delicate highs to powerful low-frequency, to carry delicate headphone output stagnation rather faithfully. Also employs a precision conductor “102 SSC” to the shield, was an excellent spiral shield to flexibility.

“100% pure silk filaments” is, by utilizing the property of neutralizing the static electricity, inclusions fill the gap between the signal line and the shield, and has been used to braid jacket which covers the cable surface. Thus, effectively suppressing the generation of static electricity in the cable. The noise due to static electricity has been greatly reduced. White and black chic cable color of the mosaic tone by, it also can match without discomfort to any headphone.

As “HPSC-35J / 63J” headphone extension, the extension of the headphone cable to match the use scene of headphones, and a 3.5 stereo mini 6.3 you can use in applications, such as converting to a standard plug.




0 – 1jt


1.3 Meter, 2.5 Meter

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