Oyaide HPSC-35 for 3.5mm Mini Plug Headphone


Kabel pengganti dari Oyaide untuk headphone yang cocok dengan mini 3.5mm. Dibuat dengan kualitas kabel yang lebih baik daripada kabel bawaan, dan menggunakan konduktor terbaru 102 ssc dari Oyaide. Konduktor pure copper ini disusun menyerupai solid core copper sehingga arusnya lebih stabil tapi tetap lentur seperti kabel serabut.


Oyaide HPSC-35 for 3.5mm Mini Plug Headphone


Cable precision conductor 102 SSC

hpsc-35_InternalHPSC Series is a new series to replace the HPC Series. Its key technology is located in the “precision conductor 102 SSC” and “Silk”.The cable conductor has adopted a “precision conductor 102 SSC” as new materials to replace the PCOCC-A.
As a high-end audio cable, Oyaide electricity has created “precision conductor 102 SSC” is already a high reputation in the whole world, the adoption of the headphone cable, this is will be the first.

Conductor configuration is excellent 7/7 / 0.089 rope twist in flex resistance, 0.3 Scare of the thickness afford.
From delicate highs to powerful low-frequency, to carry delicate headphone output stagnation rather faithfully.
Shield also adopted a “precision conductor 102 SSC”, was an excellent spiral shield to flexibility.


Pure silk filament in the intervention


The intervention, employs a 100% pure silk filament to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charge in the low capacitance. When the signal flow is weak vibration occurs in the cable, the material is charged static electricity and the corona discharge by the vibration. In order to solve this problem, mount the silk filament. Further exterior also cover the “100% pure silk jacket” of cable.

Noise without impairing the flexibility of these synergistic effects were greatly reduced. White and black chic cable color of the mosaic tone by, it also can match without discomfort to any headphone.




The precision conductor “102 SSC”

  • As a result of advanced production management, the conductivity 102.3% IACS (during the Copper and Brass end)hpsc-35_compare
  • To avoid contamination of impurities as much as possible, to use only virgin copper containing no recycled copper among the copper conforming to JIS C1011
  • Order to improve the surface smoothness of the strand, and employs a natural diamond dies
  • The 100% removing impurities adhering to the brass bar by performing peeling process
  • Annealing processing over twice, eliminating the mechanical stress-strain of the wire
  • Under the processing accuracy of the standard error tolerance ± 8μm far surpass ± 1μm, and crafted wire
  • Production management numbers, maintenance, product management that was thorough, such as shipping dates


102ssc_peelingThe peeling processing of precision conductor “102 SSC”

Although usually done removal of impurities that stand out to the surface by washing, “102 SSC” scraping the surface with μ units and 100% remove impurities that stand out on the surface by a mechanical peeling.The peeling process that is used in electrical for copper wire has no kind in the world, processing technology that Japan is proud of is dull here also.



Cable NameHPSC-22W
conductorPrecision conductor 102 SSC 7/7 / 0.089 (0.3sq)
Insulator / sheathTPE (olefin-based elastomer)
Intervention / cable sheathingPure silk filament
shield102 SSC horizontal wound shield (58 / 0.089)
Outermost layerPure silk filament braid
Electrical characteristicsConductor resistance: max 67.9 [Ω / km].
Insulation resistance:. Min 1 [MΩ · km]
Outer diameterφ4.0mm

Plug details

Headphone side plug[3.5 stereo mini] P-3.5SRHP brass + silver plated + rhodium-plated
Equipment side plug[3.5 stereo mini] P-3.5SR silver plating + rhodium-plated brass

1.3 Meter, 2.5 Meter




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