Oyaide HPC-HD25 V2 – Headphone Cable


Kabel upgrade dari Oyaide untuk Sennheiser HD25. Menggunakan bahan kabel yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya, yaitu 102ssc dan disolder dengan timah silver SS-47.

Panjang kabel: 1.2 meter.
Tersedia pilihan warna hitam dan merah.


Oyaide HPC-HD25 V2 – Headphone Cable



Sennheiser classic headphone HD25, which has continued to be supported by a sound creator and music fans for more than 20 years of long time. While pulled out its potential to the full, colorful headphone HD25 of Oyaide electricity gained popularity in the color development Li cable HPC-HD25. PCOCC-A is the HPC-HD25, which was the completion of production due to the end of production of the conductor, but this time, been renewed by the introduction of precision conductor “102 SSC”, it plays the long-awaited revival.

“HPC-HD25 V2” is a headphone Li cable SENNHEISER HD25. 1.2m length of cable is assuming a portable application. 3.5mm stereo mini plug L-shaped molding of gold-plated. It is the best specification in combination with the portable music player. Adopt a precise conductor “102 SSC” of Oyaide electricity to the cable conductor. More high-quality, got a wide-range sound with high resolution. Choice of cable color is up to you. Please mastering the HD25 and stylish “HPC-HD25 V2”.


  • Optimal L-shaped mini plug and the cable length 1.2m to a portable audio player.
  • The cable conductor to become the cornerstone of sound quality, adopted the precise conductor “102 SSC” in pursuit of high-quality sound.
  • Gold-plated HD25 side pin and 3.5 stereo mini plug, improve the sound quality and corrosion resistance.
  • Cable conductor and the plug, soldering lead-free silver solder SS-47, which is friendly to high-quality sound and the environment.
  • Red / Black / three colors of silver deployment. Affordable reasonable price.
  • Strictly production management has been domestic manufacturing.

Compatible models: SENNHEISER HD25 (formerly HD25-1II) / HD25PLUS / HD25-1 / HD25 ALUMINIUM

Product Specifications

Name of productHPC-HD25 V2
colorRed / Black / Silver
lengthCable length: 1.2m (length from the fixed portion of the headphones right surface to the mini-plug)
cableHPC-26T V2 (Black / Red)
HPC-26TN V2 (Silver)
Center conductor102 SSC (AWG26)
Insulating materialFluorine resin (PFA)
shield102 SSC spiral (Black · Red)
Silver-plated OFC braid (Silver)
Exterior sheathPb-free PVC
Modular plugBrass shaving gold
3.5mm stereo mini plugBrass gold-plated



Black, Red, Silver


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