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Oyaide Electromagnetic Wave Control Material MWA-010T


Bahan pelapis untuk elektromagnetik wave control. Berfungsi untuk menyerap elektromagnetik sehingga bebas noise. Dapat digunakan berbagai macam kebutuhan untuk melapisi berbagai macam komponen elektronik.

Ukuran 20mm x 5 meter.

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Oyaide Electromagnetic Wave Control Material MWA-010T


The electro-magnetic wave absorber series protects your equipments from various noise contamination.



Environment surrounding the AV equipment, we always thought of as a battle between the noise. For example, CD player and TV, BD recorders, consumer electronics products with digital home appliances such as a personal computer, a further switching power supply (inverter power supply) was due to the motor rotation and the switching operation, the high-frequency noise (electromagnetic noise) generated over broadband you have. Further, AV equipment has been generating a commutation noise caused by the power supply circuit. These noise component is transmitted and power supply routes and signal path, will spread to the entire AV system. Then, the noise component is amplified jitter (disturbance of the signal) in a digital transmission, and more audible range to beat down to lower the reduction and resolution of S / N sense, sharpness increase and color blurring in the image apparatus such is lost, it will adversely affect the audio signal and video signal.

Conventionally, in Oyaide electricity but we have commercialized the manganese-based electromagnetic wave absorber “MSI-30 Series”, it began the development of a new type of electromagnetic wave absorbing material with the aim of further performance.Beyond traditional product, effectively removed to be the noise. And we have emphasized, we, not to fall into “Uozumi first to Shimizu”. Audio accessories to sing the noise absorption effect is, If you do not do careful design and filtered from music and video to a certain should nuance and realism originally, I have a fear that to lose vitality.



We are paying attention to from a variety of materials, without adversely side effects to the sound quality and video, and material “sendust alloy (SENDUST)” having a strong noise absorption capacity. Sendust alloy has high magnetic loss performance and has a high magnetic loss performance over conventional wide permalloy alloy have been used as electromagnetic wave absorbing material. However, sendust alloy is expensive and processing difficult materials, have been particularly difficult to fine powdered. In Oyaide electricity, success to be processed in cooperation with processing companies with a high degree of technology, the sendust alloy powder of high flat shape of the electromagnetic wave absorption performance. In addition, this flat shape powder that is oriented parallel to the polyethylene-based special rubber layer by a special production method, won the maximum electromagnetic wave absorption performance. In addition, sufficient tensile strength and extensibility, and finished with a sheet / tape that combines a flexible work of the good.

Noise canceling electromagnetic wave absorbing material was further power-up than conventional products “MWA series” is, due to the high magnetic loss ability possessed by the sendust alloy, more powerful absorb the noise component of the GHz band. To disappear converted to Joule heat, to suppress unwanted electromagnetic field resonance, is a new standard of electromagnetic wave absorbing material. By pasted into your equipment and cable, shut out the AV equipment from noise, eliminating the noise feeling and distortion sense. To achieve the “music and video that was lively in the clear”.


Sendust alloy flat metal powder

Without adversely side effects to the sound quality and video, and use the material “sendust alloy” with a strong noise absorption capacity. In sendust alloy (SENDUST) is old and new material, has been developed in Sendai in the 1930s, magnetic loss ability is high, Al, is the alloy of domestically made from Fe, SiO2. It succeeded in processing the expensive and processing is difficult sendust alloy powder of high flat shape of the electromagnetic wave absorption performance. Further, to form an oxide film on the powder surface, secure insulation.

Polyethylene-based special rubber

The sendust alloy as uniform and the base member closely packed, using polyethylene special rubber, mixing the best mixing ratio. In addition, the flat shape powder to polyethylene-based special rubber layer by a special production method, by uniform and oriented parallel to, won the maximum electromagnetic wave absorption performance.

AV equipment, power supply path, personal computer, such as consumer electronics products a wide range of applications

AV transformer around the equipment, chassis, such as the periphery of the input-output terminal, is effective and paste in-prone part of the noise. In addition, the plug portion of the power cable and audio / video signal cable wound to the (easier to emit a noise, and more likely to be exposed to noise), also paste to the side or outlet plate of the wall outlet is recommended. PC chassis and power supply around, modem and noise to release an easy-peripheral devices such as a hard disk, you can still use it in such as electronic musical instruments and recording equipment. In addition, such as noise measures of a general consumer electronics products can be used for multi-purpose.

Clear to reduce the environmental impact of the RoHS Directive

Environmentally hazardous substances (lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, etc.) with the following measurement limit the content of, you have to clear the RoHS directive.

Excellent noise absorption effect in a simple use

Usage is quite simple. Such as the power supply unit and the input and output terminals of the audio equipment, around the prone point of noise, by pasting in the cable and plug, exhibit a high noise-canceling effect. S / N sense is good, and improve resolution. In addition, bleeding of contour is decreased in the video, effects such as sharpness of the color increases can be obtained. SN is in sound quality, resolution, improvement of response, gradation expression is in the video, and contribute to, such as improvement of color.

Sheet tape, colorful variation of the thickness and size

Assuming a variety of needs and point-of-use, available in addition to the 0.3mm sheet A4, A5, A6 size), with a thickness of 0.1mm tape, such as a thickness of 1.0mm sheet, a variation of the variety of sizes and thicknesses Did. In the case of sheet, as it is placed on the AV top plate without cut, or has the effect just lay under the equipment. In the case of tape, it is useful in wound to the cable and plug.

Cut with scissors and paste, flexible workability

Can be easily cut with scissors or the like, excellent flexibility, cable, etc., it is also sticking possible to a curved surface. Workability, and excellent workability. Polyethylene-based special rubber, sufficient tensile strength and extensibility, have Bei also serves as a flexible work of goodness so, paste is very good. In addition, the pressure-sensitive adhesive surface to achieve adequate adhesion, and maintain long-term Paste performance. In addition, the surface of the sheet-tape is a chic silver, it does not stand out at the time of use. The paste with a slight tension is the clean finish tips.

UL94V-0 safety design that won the flame retardant

UL94V-0 has a flame-retardant (UL File No.188467), it is also considered to safety.




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