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Headphone hanger premium dari Jepang. Dibuat menggunakan mesin CNC yang sangat-sangat presisi, sehingga menghasilkan bentuk dan design minimalis, sangat rapi dan kuat buat gantungan headphone atau earphone. Bahan material dari besi plat tebal dan dilengkapi padding foam lembut untuk dudukan headband dari headphone. Konstruksinya sangat praktis menggunakan double tape sangat kuat untuk menahan beban dua headphone sampai dengan 4 KG.

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NBROS Japan – Dual Headphone Hanger

Model number: NB – HSTA 05 UD / JAN: 4562198672613 Dual headphone stand
For headphone stand / 2 units installed under a strong desk.


NB – HSTA 05 UD is
a dual headphone stand that is mounted under a desk with a strong adhesive tape .

Load capacity: 4.0 kg
* There are occasions when the strength varies
depending on the mounting surface.  For safety, please do not hang more than 4.0 kg.

Package Contents:
– Product NB-HSTA05UD Dual Headphone Stand
– Instruction Manual Material: Iron (SPCC) / Processing: Black paint
– Package dimensions: approx. 125 mm x 210 mm x 45 mm / gross weight: About 85g.
– Producing area: Made in Japan / Made in JAPAN.


– It is a dual headphone stand that can store two headphones under the desk.

– Excellent strength is realized with all metal and super strong adhesive tape! It is! Load capacity 4 KG
* The case where strength differs depending on the mounting surface is the Onza. For safety, please do not hang more than 4.0 kg.
※ This product is designed on the premise of hanging headphones. Please do not use it for another purpose.

Compact design, space-saving and versatile scenes.

– The hook part adopted cushion for scratch prevention.

– Integrated production in Japan [Made in JAPAN.]
It is a genuine domestic product which carries out a series of processes from planning, designing, manufacturing and packaging all within Japan.
I can think of “Entry soul” for all products, and finish it carefully by hand.

– Product Specification
· Material: SPCC (iron) / treatment: black paint
· Load capacity: 4 KG
· Package contents: Product body · Instruction manual
· Package dimensions: approx. 125 mm × 210 mm × 45 mm
· Gross weight: 85 g


· For direct or indirect damage, damage or breakdown caused by using this product
We assume no responsibility for it.
· Please do not apply strong impact / impossible force to this product. Also please do not process or remodel.
· Please note that children do not touch this product.
· Do not use or store this product in a place with high humidity or in high temperature / high humidity place.
· Minor abrasions in the manufacturing process of the product · Some plating unevenness may occur.
· Please install this product in a place that is not movable in the flat.





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