JVC Audio Extension Volume Control – Straight Jack 3.5mm


Kabel extension premium “Made in Japan” dari JVC Audio. Menggunakan jack lapis emas dan kabel “Oxygen Free Copper” menjaga kualitas suara yang diberikan.

Tersedia panjang 0.3 meter dan 0.7 meter.
Menggunakan Jack Lurus dan tambahan volume control.


JVC Audio Extension Volume Control – Straight Jack 3.5mm


Product introduction

1. adopted the plug and jack of the slim shape.
2. use 24 gold-plated plug and jack to suppress the deterioration due to high purity 99.996% OFC (oxygen-free copper) code.
3. contact resistance is less secular change with less transmission loss usability adoption .

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0 – 1jt


0.3 Meter, 0.7 Meter

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