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SoundWarrior SW-HP20 – Monitoring Headphone


SoundWarrior SW-HP20 masih mempertahankan ciri khas dari SoundWarrior HP10,
dengan menambahkan soundstage yang lebih luas lagi dan ditambah lagi ada kabelnya sudah removable.

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SoundWarrior SW-HP20 – Monitoring Headphone

For over 40 years, we have been developing and producing headphones/headsets for monitoring and profesional use.

Developed in consideration of durability, robustness, comfortable wearing feeling that can withstand long-term use, etc.,
which are required at professional site, SOUND WARRIOR brand’s first consumer monitoring headphones is “SW-HP 10”.

Based on this model which has been popular as a real moniker headphone, thank you, we have newly created headphones specialized in music appreciation.

“SW-HP 20” selects a new driver unit with conscious consideration for the reproduction of high-res sound sources and the like that require a broader range of expression, while retaining the features of SW-HP 10 such as high durability, robustness and comfortable wearing comfort and, it is a listening youth · headphone which made cable detachable so that you can change it according to your preference.

Please enjoy music appreciation to your heart’s content with SW – HP 20 handmade carefully in Japan.

Product features

Make sound making music more enjoyable

Because it is an era where high-quality sound sources such as high-resolution sound sources can be easily obtained, the role of headphones that deliver them directly to your ears is becoming important. In this unit, we also selected the driver unit, aware of the reproduction of the high resolution sound source that is required to express over a wider band. Enjoy music appreciation More tuned with this machine, please fully enjoy the spread of space and breathing of singers.





Cable attachable / detachable

In this machine, we adopted a Φ 2.5 mm monaural mini jack (L / R) that allows cable detachment. Φ3.5 stereo mini plug connection cord. Attached is done. In addition, as a cable for this machine, a balanced type (XLR connection code) is also available as an option, so you can purchase it separately. By combining with the “SW Desktop-Audio Series” headphone amplifier “SWD-HA 10”, you can enjoy the difference depending on the characteristics of each balance type (XLR) / unbalanced type.

* We changed accessories from July 2017. In addition, the single item sales of the balance type XLR connection cord and the Φ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug connection cord will be started sequentially from the beginning of August 2017.



Outstanding fit

Closed air dynamic type (closed type) headphones require adhesion and sound insulation. In order to fulfill this requirement, we generally tend to strengthen the side pressure and holding force to the head, but we think that it is one of the reasons that it makes it easier to feel tired when used for a long time I will. Therefore, we adopted ergonomic ergonomic design ear pad (molded with three-dimensionally-cut high-elastic pad and synthetic leather by hand sewing) and created a gentle fit that wraps around for long-time use .



High durability / robustness

Case shell of nylon material with little “cracking” and “deterioration”, polyurethane pads which are difficult to deteriorate oily property, etc. are all examined for high durability and robustness of every single material. This is one of the know-how cultivated with headphones for business. Our company carefully assembles, inspects, and packages in our own factory in Japan carefully.





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