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SoundWarrior SW-HP10s – Monitoring Headphone


Entry level dari SoundWarrior ini adalah salah satu headphone monitoring terbaik di pasaran.
Headphone ini memiliki suara yang rileks, santai dan flat atau datar sehingga enak untuk di dengar lama.

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SoundWarrior SW-HP10s – Monitoring Headphone

In order to reproduce the feeling of the air being played
so that the players ‘ breathing and the movements of the fingers are clearly visible as if each instrument is in hand

Pro-use headphones that the factory has nurtured to pursue such headphones to be honest, Pro-use headphones that the field has nurtured

For many years, monitoring-oriented headphones customized to be able to withstand music observation. We will deliver Sound Warrior headphones SW-HP 10s that combines many ideas born in the professional world.


Product features

Creating sounds aimed at coexistence of monitoring and music appreciation

To everyone as it is making the sound of monitor headphones used in recording studios and others. You can listen to the real voice, the localization of each instrument, the graininess and contours of the sound, the perspective, the spread, etc., in the hand, expressing the intention of the performer and the engineer straight. This is the mission of monitor headphones. However, it is said that the sound of the monitor system is not suitable for listening to music for a long time and it is easy to listen and get tired. With our years of experience, we have not felt these disadvantages, but aiming for full-fledged monitoring-oriented headphones.



Professional form brought up on a professional site

Headphone which polished up realized various requests of professional site. Besides the robustness of the input cord, every single material such as a case shell of nylon material with little “cracking” and “deterioration” and polyurethane pads which is not easily deteriorated in oiliness are all examined for high durability and robustness It is. Embedding the crossover code in the headband is also to prevent disconnection. Furthermore, not using metal as a structure is a result of attention not to scratch the musical instruments and acoustic equipment. It hardly breaks even if dropping headphones by stepping on the cord. Please try a professional form that can withstand enough to play instruments, record sites and outdoor hard use.


Attention to manufacturing, due to outstanding fit

Closed air type (sealed type) Headphones are required for adhesion and sound insulation. However, in order to realize this requirement, generally there is a tendency to strengthen the side pressure and holding force to the head. This machine adopts an ergonomic ergonomic design ear pad (molded by three-dimensionally-cut high-elasticity pad and synthetic leather by hand sewing), and it is indispensable for long-time use, it creates a gentle fit that wraps around It is. The pride of Made in Japan was included in the product.




typeClosed air dynamic type
Driver unitOD φ 40 mm
Impedance40 Ω / 1 kHz
Frequency characteristic20 to 20 kHz
Maximum input300 mW
Output sound pressure level103 dB / 1 kHz 1 mW
codeRound type cord (2.5 m)
plugφ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug
weight280 g (including code)
head bandVinyl leather
Shell materialNylon resin
accessoriesAdapter for φ 6.3 mm standard jack, extension cord (2 m)
Warranty periodOne year after purchase
Country of originJapan



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