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Ocharaku Flat4-KEYAKI Plus

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Ocharaku Flat4-Keyaki Plus launching perdana tanggal 11 November 2016 di Jepang. Earphone dengan kualitas terbaik ini bisa dimulai Indent dari sekarang melalui Headfonia Store. Menurut Makoto-San, Flat4-Keyaki Plus membawa suara yang lebih bening dibanding Sakura yang lebih warm. Selain itu menjadi satu-satunya earphone Ocharaku yang mulai menggunakan jack Furutech Rhodium.

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Ocharaku Flat4-KEYAKI Plus

Ocharaku Sound Customize New product Information
“Flat4-KEYAKI Plus“ “Flat4-AKAKEYAKI Plus“

The latest collaboration of Oak village’s timber craftsmanship and Ocharaku’s finest sound engineering.
A limited 50sets will be produced and up for sale for overseas market.
The center cabinet is made of japanese zelkova; has the highest value of sound transmission among all wood materials; coated with natural raw lacquer.
Each pieces are specially selected and handcrafted by master craftsmen in the forest of Hida-Takayama.
Oak village had finally overcome technical difficulties of crafting japanese zelkova in to Flat4 center cabinet by introducing new Numerically Controlled machine and their finest wood craft technique.
Introduction highly pure and the most crystal clear sound among Flat4 series; KEYAKI Plus.

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Phase adjustor tube is adopted for Acoustic circuit, designed to suppress sound deterioration factor caused by occluded ear canal; vibration around 6kHz.

Sound quality could be improved by selecting suitable length type matching to individuals ear canal length.
Flat4-KEYAKI Plus, for a standers ear canal length and Flat4-AKAKEYAKI Plus for longer ear canal length.




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