Audio Technica Smartphone Extension Cable


Kabel perpanjangan untuk smartphone kamu. Menggunakan kabel “Oxygen Free Copper”, serta jack lapis emas untuk menjaga kualitas suara. Design jack sudah support headphone atau earphone yang menggunakan microphone serta dibuat lebih kecil supaya lebih mudah dipakai untuk smartphone.

Tersedia panjang 0.5 meter dan 1 meter.
Jack: model L lapis emas.


Audio Technica Smartphone Extension Cable

  • Achieve a high-quality sound with a high-purity OFC line ※ adoption.
    Purity is high, adopted a superior material to the conductive efficiency, it carries a wide variety of content in high-quality sound.
  • It reduces the contact resistance at 24K plating of sound quality (L-type plug and jack), improve the durability and reliability.
    Not only to extend, focus on the contact part of the smart phone and headphones.Such as sound quality and durability was also emphasized.
※ purity 99.995%. Crystal per 1m is 50000, conductivity 99.6% of the copper material.
※ It can also be used in the φ3.5mm3-pole mini jack / plug of the equipment or headphones.



0 – 1jt


0.5 Meter, 1 Meter

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